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Small is beautiful…

Why is radio the channel of choice for small businesses?

There are 2 reasons. Firstly, like many of the businesses themselves, radio is firmly rooted within a local area. Secondly, and most importantly, compared with many other mediums radio is an inexpensive way to deliver significant returns on investment. Radio is the “ROI multiplier”. RAB research shows that on average, radio delivers ROI of £8 for every £1 spent.

At Radio Experts we understand what it takes to plan and execute successful radio campaigns that deliver ROI for clients. Every day we combine our strategic thinking, in-depth knowledge of the radio marketplace and our tenacious buying skills to achieve successful outcomes for businesses across a range of sectors.

Small is beautiful and advertising on radio can be beautiful too…

Why music is memorable

Music has been a part of broadcast advertising since the early 20th Century. The first ever radio jingle was created for Wheaties – an American breakfast cereal. The jingle aired on Christmas Eve in 1926 and featured four male singers extolling the virtues of the brand.

At Radio Experts we know that a big benefit of using music in advertising is that it’s extremely memorable. Music is composed in patterns – a sequence of chords and lyrics that repeat in a particular way. Scientists have found that using patterns helps us process information efficiently and makes it easier to recall that information.

This is why music can be such an incredibly powerful tool for radio advertisers; it can deliver a memorable message as well as create emotional engagement with the listener.

Whether it’s a short sting or a full 30 seconds – if music is done well it can create a unique audio identity for a brand that can become lodged deep inside the listeners’ minds.

If you’d like to know more about using music in radio advertising, call us on 0207 841 8744 or email us at office@radioexperts.co.uk

RAJAR Results Q1, 2014

The RAJAR figures for the first quarter of 2014 were released today and our Radio Experts have been pouring over the results to pick out some of the key headlines.

The big news story is London, where there’s been massive increases in audience for stations such as Smooth London, XFM London and Heart London – all up by over 50%. Magic 105.4 and Absolute are up 16% & 20% respectively in terms of total hours.

Heart and Magic are battling for the top spot in London with Reach vs Hours – Magic 105.4 has the most listeners in London with a weekly reach of 1,943,000 (up 11%) whilst Heart has the most total hours; 11,398,000 (up 50%).

Heart 106.2 is feeling the love. They have gained a quarter of a million listeners since the last survey period.

Nationally, the Smooth network is up 39% in total hours and this now includes the old Gold stations.

The Heart Network UK is up 34% in total hours – this network includes the old Real Radio stations.

Elsewhere, Real Radio Wales (South), recently rebranded as Heart, is up 24% in hours and Smooth North West smashes the million mark – going from 900,000 listeners to 1,035,000.

Recent changes of station ownership and station rebrands have yet to fully filter through, but in London there’s been a massive growth in audience for many of the big stations.

For more insight on what this quarter’s RAJAR means for brands using radio advertising contact us

Spotify and Rdio See Big Revenue Increases

There’s been a massive change in the way we listen to music. With the number of devices and options available increasing every quarter there’s no doubt this constant evolution will continue.

Competition is hotting up, with Spotify announcing last week it’s added 1m active users in the UK over the last four months.

According to the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI), Online music services such as Spotify and Rdio have seen large increases in revenue across all of their subscription packages. But the statistic that is of most interest to us is the increase in ad-supported streams from 6% of the market in 2008 to 19% of the market in 2013.

Radio Experts has been working with services like Spotify since their inception in 2006.As the market grows so does the competition and with it the opportunities for advertisers, with pinpoint accurate targeting, coupled with audio adverts alongside display adverts.

We make it our business to keep on top of developments within the online audio advertising market so contact us if you’d like to find out more.

Radio turns into a mosquito repellent

Our sponsorship and promotions team are always interested to see how brands promote themselves in other countries of the World and this one really caught our ears! 

A Brazilian travel magazine called “Go Outside” planned a promotional campaign with a local radio station in Sao Paulo that would literally turn the radio into a mosquito repellent. The station played a 15 kHz sound that was inaudible to humans but which has been shown to repel mosquitoes (to mosquitoes, the signal sounds like the buzzing of dragonfly – their natural enemy.)

Although Radio Experts are dedicated to carrying out Post Campaign Analysis for our clients, we have no idea exactly how many mosquitoes were scared away with this promotion!

Get in touch if you fancy taking a bite at a radio sponsorship or promotional campaign.

New Heart stations launch 6th May

heart radio advertising This week Global Radio announced the exciting news that the Heart brand will launch in Scotland, the North East, North West, South Wales and Yorkshire on Tuesday 6th May at 6am.

This extension of the Heart brand into these new areas is the final part of the process for Global following the acquisition of Real Radio.  For the first time, listeners in these regions will be able to hear presenters including Toby Anstis, Emma Willis, Stephen Mulhern, Emma Bunton, Jenni Falconer and Mark Wright. Once these new stations transition from Real Radio to Heart, Global estimates the Heart brand will reach 9.3 million listeners every week.

With the arrival of Heart into these new regions and with Global investing heavily in a fresh marketing and PR campaign these changes provide great new opportunities for radio advertisers.

If you’d like to find out more about the extension of the Heart brand or anything else about radio advertising and sponsorship please get in touch.

Radio – A powerful way to reach motorists

There are now so many different ways to listen to radio. Traditional FM and AM are still popular, but as results from quarter 4 of the 2013 RAJAR demonstrate – listening via DAB is continuously growing.

The increase in DAB listening could be partly due to the fact that 45.2% of all new cars now have DAB radios fitted as standard.  Combine this fact with recent figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showing that new car registrations are the highest they have been for a decade and you begin to see just how radio is a really powerful way for advertisers to reach motorists.

Where else can you have such an intimate connection with the listener – a captive audience that is intently listening and totally immersed in the radio station they’ve chosen.

There’s a variety of ways to target motorists, both through the creative approach and through intelligent media planning and buying. Get in touch and let us help you navigate the way to radio success.

A great strategy for radio

What’s a great strategy to improve response to a radio campaign?

At Radio Experts, we always say that the success of radio advertising can be influenced by many factors, but there is one simple thing you can do that will really help improve radio response and that is making sure all your ads have consistency.

Radio is a frequency medium – ads needs to be heard multiple times before they sink in with the listener, so anything an advertiser can do to ensure consistency throughout a campaign and across a number of commercials can really make a difference to the response.

A great example of consistency is Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ slogan. It was first developed in 1988 and it’s still being used today whatever the message or the creative approach. Consistency enables the consumer to form a solid opinion of a brand – people feel more comfortable dealing with a business that is always consistent in the way it presents itself.

Whether it’s the same strap line across multiple commercials, the same voice, a common music track, a recurrent creative theme or creation of a sonic identity, at Radio Experts we apply these techniques to create consistency, maximising the effectiveness of radio campaigns.

Contact us and let’s get cracking on your next radio campaign.

XFM Returns to Scotland

After a six year hiatus the XFM brand returns to Scotland on April the 7th.

The XFM brand is renowned for pioneering new music and XFM Scotland will be no exception, continue the station’s history of supporting new and upcoming talent.  Acts championed by XFM include, Biffy Clyro, The View and Snow Patrol.

The presenter line-up includes Jo Good, John Kennedy and Blur drummer Dave Rowntree.

XFM managing editor, Chris Baughen, said: “Coming back to Scotland after nearly six years away is huge for us.  We’re really excited to be returning to our loyal listeners across the country.  We’ll continue to support emerging Scottish bands, as well as XFM favourites from across indie, alternative and rock music.”

XFM’s return to Scotland is just part of the many changes taking place currently amongst the UK’s well known radio brands.

You can listen on 96.3FM in Paisley and on DAB across central Scotland.

Gold Changes to Smooth

Back in February we told you about the exciting plans that Global had announced for radical changes to their Smooth Radio brand. This included an increased focus on bigger named celebrities and an even more branded and slicker approach.

The news this week is that changes are rolling out from this Monday 24th March on many of Smooth’s FM stations.But even bigger news is that all but 3 of Global’s Gold stations will be re-branded as Smooth.

Overall, there will now be 18 Smooth stations across the UK. This includes their 6 existing FM stations and the 12 re-branded Gold AM stations.

The Smooth brand has been designed to niche target a new type of slightly older listener with refined tastes and a high disposable income.

Judicious radio planning for the right client means Smooth offers even more opportunities for advertisers across the new expanded services and can be a great choice on the radio schedule.

If you’d like to find out more details about Smooth, get in touch on 0207 841 8744 or email us at office@radioexperts.co.uk

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