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In-car entertainment: getting a turbo boost for 2013

Monday, December 10th, 2012

From the announcement that VW,  General Motors and many other large manufacturers are putting DAB radio into cars as standard to the fact that UK became the second largest market for new cars in the EU (according to the SMMT)… the UK has been really revving up its engines in 2012.

Combining all this positive activity together, is it any wonder that in the UK motoring still has the biggest Radio Advertising spend – (RAB, Nielsen)?

With the convergence of in-car entertainment systems and the rollout of 4g(ee), the creation of the in-car entertainment experience can be a new in-car advertising space.

Where else can you have such an intimate connection with the listener? Where they are intently listening on a regular basis? Combine that with timely traffic updates or local information and advertising the incar audio experience is about to get a turbo boost. Check out Spotify’s collaboration with Ford getting the car stereo to control Spotify.

Imagine the power of intelligent car entertainment systems which can look at where a person is driving (thanks to their GPS) and tailor advertising to their destination or where they are going to pass on the way…

For more on the developments of in-car radio, on demand or indeed radio advertising for the motor industry in 2013… mirror, signal and manoeuvre your way over to our office

Movember’s Over but Radio’s always on Trend

Friday, November 30th, 2012

As the handlebar moustaches, the Frank Zappas, the Philleas Foggs and Babyfaced Assassins all curl up their Movember moustachios, we can only marvel at the way that social activism is becoming so trend and viral driven. Pop a #hashtag on anything (or anyone) and you can pretty much #makeithappen. It’s a great example of social activism and connective convergent community behaviour because community means something very different in the technologically connected Global Village (Marshall Mcluhan not Leicester Square).

All of this reminds us of one of radio’s greatest strengths………(naturally)

Because Radio is the original, the heritage, the greatest of all interactive community media experiences. Radio is unlike TV where people watch a show on this channel then a show on that channel – with radio they listen to a station around the clock and they join a community of listeners, enjoying a shared yet personal experience. That’s why radio is great for brands, great for charities, great for staying on trend and great for the emotional sell.

(RAB emotional multiplier)

Radio engages community, even if community itself is changing.


Christmas advertising – why music matters…

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Yesterday saw the release of the new McDonald’s Christmas TV campaign. It joins the roster of big brand ads currently circulating as we edge closer to the festive period.

This year, more than ever, these ads play on our nostalgic and emotional connection with Christmas – using sounds and visuals deeply ingrained in our memories of this time of year.

Take the current John Lewis creative which puts a love story between two snow people to a target-market-touching reboot of a 1984 Christmas number one by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Meanwhile Coca Cola, who have had more of a hand in how Christmas is branded than most, roll out their latest specially composed “Something in the Air” ident.

Or how about Tesco’s take on Christmas, subverting the norm by using popular non-Christmas songs alongside Christmas branding?

The one thing all these emotive ads have in common is great music. They tempt us into loving, believing and mostly importantly investing in their brands by coupling festive scenes with powerful well chosen audio.

It goes without saying that Christmas is a hugely important time for advertisers. But the importance of music in Christmas advertising is something that we at Radio Experts feel can’t be talked about enough. Just as radio is termed “an emotional multiplier” the right music in a radio campaign can multiply its listeners’ emotional response.

If you’re looking for a famous track to tap into the right feelings about your product or service, Radio Experts can source it for you. We’re fully conversant with dealing with the intricacies of the licensing process so you don’t have to be.

Music has incredible power to create emotions at a time of year when emotions can run high. And the rewards for getting it right – both financial and in terms of brand perception – are great.

For more on Radio Advertising and the powerful and effective use of music please get in touch

Are you going JingleMad in November…?

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Last week saw the release of a new online radio station. But unlike other stations on the net this plays only radio jingles 247. What a concept?!! Just wall to wall famous advertising jingles and station stings…..

Listen here

What the station does do though is to remind us of the great quality of music within marketing to charm, match up to emotions, import happiness and deliver memorability that lasts for days weeks, months and years. In fact, this promotional ad for Thinkbox rather brilliantly, if unintentionally, illustrated radio’s core strength of audio branding and how great jingles sit in the emotional memory for ever more.

Thanks Thinbox………

In a nutshell, where consumers are more content loyal and platform agnostic – radio bucks the trend. Radio is contemporary content, musical curator, social platform and loyal friend all rolled into one. Not surprising then that the radio jingle can become and emotive part of a listeners experience and relationship with their radio station.

To find out more about the power of radio jingles or indeed how to turbo charge your radio advertising get in touch here.

Magic FM proves it’s a DAB hand as Radio’s Resilience shines through…

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

As Londoners wake up to dulcet tones of Radio 4 in the morning, flicking over to Magic as they stumble out into the foggy morning commute, the UK’s radio has had some interesting results this quarter.

After a nail biting few months when the industry thought people would never turn away from Olympics coverage on the BBC it would seem that commercial radio has not been affected to the extent feared. With 89% of the population tuning in to radio and thanks to shows on Absolute Radio (teaming up with BT London Live) and Talksport supporting the BBC it was not as much of an issue as first thought.

Mobile phone listening is on the rise thanks to the raft of new digital platforms. Reportedly 18% of adults listen to radio on their mobile phone an increase of 12% year on year, which is hardly surprising due to the great apps such as the Radioplayer and new digital services like Absolute Radio (with their high quality app and in-stream advertising).

Surely in London it’s all about the commercial radio breakfast show? This last quarter and year has seen an upheaval and change in the London morning marketplace that we haven’t seen for a few years, with the loss of Chris Moyle’s on BBC Radio 1 and Johnny Vaughan leaving Capital FM, how are Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon doing and how is Christian O’Connell getting on? Well, based on audience reach, Capital is still the favourite clock radio alarm station but Magic has made up ground percolating into second place (822,000 listeners) whilst Heart has slipped back into fourth place.

We’ll be pouring through the detailed results region by region / sector by sector  in the coming days. To see what this means for you the advertiser and how best to navigate your budget around this quarter’s RAJAR changes get the inside track from Radio Experts. And for more insight on RAJAR, the radio marketplace, great opportunity curation and a masterclass in planning buying and creating great radio advertising campaigns – please get in touch, or follow us on twitter.

Radio rules the world

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Thanks to Nielsen’s Global Advertising Report, the good news is that radio ad spend worldwide is up by oodles. 6.6% to be precise.

In the changing media landscape, only online fared better and online only faired a little bit better (7.2%).

The figures are a comparison of year on year performance, so the real story here is that radio advertising is on the march. Radio is not just becoming more relevant to listeners as it transcends hardware and becomes a near ubiquitous part of our connected lifestyles as a whole; it is also becoming more relevant and voluminous to advertisers. Money being spent by advertisers is proof of radio’s strength in an ever more demanding marketplace that wants metrics, direct response proof and competitive value at every turn.

A lot is said about the emotional bedrock of why radio is so good – and a lot is said about how listening figures seem so resilient – but its great to see that advertisers and their dollars / yuan / euros also see radio as a new and exciting way to do more and more for their marketing objectives.

The worldwide radio ad spend figures point to particular growth trends in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America but Europe was no slouch at 2.8% growth (that in a context of shrinking European media consumption as a whole). At Radio Experts, we like to think we’ve contributed our little bit to these figures, with another record breaking year for us.

Call it a radio revolution, or an evolution, maybe even a renaissance – whatever it is – radio is in rude health and global popularity is meeting hardware democracy. Fun times ahead! Please get in touch if you would like us to show you some of the newest innovative ways to reach audiences with well placed audio. Its what we do!

Forward thinking Radio – Radioplayer & DAB

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Kudos to the great minds who’ve been working so hard on RadioPlayer . The Radio Industry’s gorgeous industry-wide online platform goes from strength to strength and it reassures, redirects, strengthens and expands the UK’s exceptional radio brands and product.

You’ll find pretty much all of the stations on there, easily clicked on, easily listened to and serving up the kind of audience our clients just love. Targeted, trackable, integrated. We Love Radio Player.

Radio Player goes from strength to strength (a mobile app was recently launched for example) and its all part of the Radio Industry’s ‘strength of connection’ (Tim Davie BBC, RAB Conference 2012)

With the news that sales of DAB radios are now dropping significantly (Sales of DAB sets have remained flat at 1.9m a year for the last three years, more here) it seems to be a case of the software developers overtaking the hardware producers. DAB was always pretty slow off the mark and lets face it – if you rocked up and invented a service called ‘radio’ in 2012 – would you send it to every mobile phone, mobile device, laptop and desktop on the planet via online – or would you go with Digital Audio Broadcasting?? (ahem)

Radio is full of marvellous opportunities to get people to click through, from Absolute In-Stream, to Radio Player to Spotify, We7, Deezer, Xbox Music, Apple and all of the industry leading radio station websites.

If you’re interested in utilising audio to generate click through – call the Experts, we can help at every stage and level of the process and we love talking about it!

From Radio With Love…

Friday, October 5th, 2012

iPhone5 RadioplayerToday on the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond film, here’s a present from radioplayer with love.

Radioplayer’s app has launched in the itunes app store, with the slogan “UK Radio in one place”.

Radioplayer which launched back in 2011 has seen a large rise in online radio listening figures. Not that radio apps are a new thing, with the massively popular tunein radio still drawing a huge audience. But the difference is that the radioplayer app is UK specific and thanks to the great audioboo service it also integrates a ‘listen again’ service.

Download from here or visit the radio player site to find out more.

With all of the UK’s radio in one place, and now easily accessible from the host of massively popular apple ios devices such as the new iphone 5 (don’t worry, all the intrepid android users can expect an android native app coming very soon), could this be the time for mobile radio listening to truly shine?

For more developments in the radio industry, the best new radio apps or a chat about the Radio Experts On Demand for services like Spotify – give us a shout

“So this is happening…” Nick Grimshaw at BBC Radio 1 Breakfast

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Well its the afternoon after the morning after Nick Grimshaw’s first morning at the helm of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

To be completely honest – the debut did have its failings and flailings but it also showed much promise.

The Bieber interview and laconic, irreverent style were hallmarks of Radio 1s willingness to shine its light on the audience it should be targeting (young)….and that’s good news for Commercial Radio. Across the land, the Moyles era is over and the audience that sit firmly in Commercial radio’s morning remit are no longer tempted to grow old with their Moyles Mornings.

The stars are aligning, quite literally, and all is looking more stellar in the radio cosmos.

For more on the radio industry get in touch now or follow us @UKRadioExperts

Apple (iPhone 5) Radio?

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Once again, Apple’s renowned PR and Marketing wheels have been churning away, creating another eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 release. Our opinion of the iPhone5 was fairly biased due to the number of Apple Fanboys in our office…..but the trajectory of Apple really does paint a rosy picture for radio. Why?

Because it’s strongly rumoured that one of Apple’s next developments is to release a Spotify style music service. With the upgraded headphones, faster 4G connection and Apples iCloud all prevalent with the iPhone 5, it would appear everything is in line for a native Spotify style, Apple ‘I’ branded service.

And that means audio ads. And we love a bit of audio!

With the next Everything Everywhere (EE) 4G generation phones, we’ll see a revolution similar to the 3G impact of 2007, with content not just increased but its default style of presentation moving further from written and more towards constant heavy audio and visual.

Questions questions…..
Will more radio content be passed around to phones using the increasingly popular tunein app or the new download service from the BBC?
How will Radio Player fare against this new iteration of devices and super speed of connection, will Radio Player release an ios or android specific app…?

iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy S3…we’re on it.

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