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Scriptwriting and production experts: Our extensive framework of Radio Experts consists of both full and part time radio industry experts. The rationale is quite simple… we provide you with the experts to make a difference. With artwork, you have fine pencil artists, water colour painters, CAD designers – it’s the same with audio.

Our writers have a mix of pedigree and punch… We have seniors who were the scriptwriting innovators in earlier decades and are able to digest, understand and get under the skin of heritage brands within seconds. We also have a team of cutting edge advertising talent that rip into the youth market – they have an edge… it’s a pleasure to work with them – they are the emerging faces of tomorrow’s scriptwriting and audio production world.

One size doesn’t fit all – that’s not what our industry is about.

Radio Planning & Buying Experts: As a media planning team we exist as a “snap on” to our agency feeders – we’re here to add depth, common sense – and most of all, take you to new heights of understanding and performance in radio advertising. We’re here to make the choice of 400 stations easier … its hard enough to navigate in one region let alone the whole of the UK if needed. As a team, we’re a practical and right funny bunch with a passion to deliver economies of scale and seriously smart thinking on all of our radio station schedules. Nothing fazes us….

Most of all…. It’s about making radio easier.

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